Professional project management in the geospatial, environmental and management information sectors

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Geospatial Project Management

Expertise in project management of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to benefit e.g. forestry, agriculture, water resources, conservation and recreation sectors.

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Environmental Project Management

Supporting land use, resource and asset management, and research programmes.

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Management Information Systems

Expertise in managing Decision Support Systems (DSS), project support and planning processes.

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A blog by Ed Wallington - my views on the world with a geospatial spin!

On this website I discuss project management, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and business analysis.

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geoCognita discusses professional project management and business analysis consultancy services in the geospatial, environmental and management information sectors.

geoCognita specialises in project management of the specification, development, implementation and support of business solutions - particularly the use and application of geographical information systems (GIS) and remote sensing.

geoCognita was founded by Dr. Edward Wallington and operates out of the UK. All views are my own.

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