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Project Management discussions, including portfolios, programmes, projects, PMOs

Location Analytics

Everything happens somewhere.  Use the power of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to leverage the location aspects and gain insight.

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Discussions on business, strategy, leadership, development, business cases, ROI

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Discussions on outdoor adventure, sports,

Data is good – Information is better – Actionable Insight is essential, based on robust evidence to make informed decisions

I want a ruggedised Microsoft band

You may have noticed that Microsoft released another update for their Band last night.  I have the Microsoft Band 2 (much better that first iteration) and the new updates have added weight monitoring and GPS battery optimisation (by reducing the sampling rate), along... read more

AGI Foresight Report 2020

The Association for Geographic Information (AGI) have launched their Foresight Report 2020 this week. AGI states: “The AGI Foresight Report 2020 gives insight into the issues we believe will have a significant impact on our economy, environment and society over... read more

Esri Health and Human Services GIS Conference 2015

The Esri Health and Human Services GIS Conference 2015 is taking place in Atlanta, Georgia on 14th – 16th September 2015. Where someone lives, works, and plays has an enormous impact on their well-being. At the Esri Health and Human Services GIS Conference,... read more

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